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Toddler Club: Superworm + Pip and Posy

very mild fantasy threat, slapstick
Join us for a Toddler Club double-bill, featuring Julia Donaldson's famous children's tales on the big screen! Superworm (2021) Superworm is a long, strong worm with amazing skills and a big heart, who keeps on saving the day. However, things start to go wrong when he gets too full of himself and starts to ignore his friends. Pip & Posy (2022) Pip and Posy are best friends - they love to play, and make things, and have fun. But just occasionally they get cross or sad, and sometimes things go wrong that are beyond their control. And that's when kindness and understanding - and a cuddle - make everything better. These short TV films/episodes are showing as part of Toddler Club on Friday and Saturday. Share the fun of the cinema with your pre-schoolers (children aged from 1 to 5), and we’ll bring you a warm drink and a slice of cake, all included in the price of your ticket.
Cast: Olivia Colman, Matt Smith (XI), Patricia Allison
Director(s): Sarah Scrimgeour, Jac Hamman

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