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Toddler Club: Leo

mild rude humour, threat, injury detail, language
Leo (Adam Sandler) has been the class pet for Fort Myers Elementary's fifth grade class for the last 74 years. As he approaches the big 75, the lizard starts to worry he is nearing the end of his life, leading to a bit of an identity crisis. Suddenly, Leo wants to see the world outside of his terrarium. This film is showing as part of Toddler Club on Friday and Saturday. Share the fun of the cinema with your pre-schoolers (children aged from 1 to 5), and we’ll bring you a warm drink and a slice of cake, all included in the price of your ticket.
Cast: Adam Sandler, Bill Burr, Cecily Strong
Director(s): Robert Marianetti, Robert Smigel, David Wachtenheim

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