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Wicked Little Letters

Wicked Little Letters

1h 41m
very strong language, strong sex references, domestic abuse
Based on a stranger than fiction true story, Wicked little letters follows two neighbours: deeply conservative local Edith Swan (Olivia Colman) and rowdy Irish migrant Rose Gooding (Jessie Buckley). Their 1920s English seaside town bears witness to a farcical and occasionally sinister scandal when Edith, and fellow residents of Littlehampton, begin to receive wicked letters full of unintentionally hilarious profanities. The anonymous letters prompt a national uproar, and a trial ensues, and Rose (Buckley) is accused of the crime. However, as the town's women - led by Police Officer Gladys Moss (Anjana Vasan) - begin to investigate the crime themselves, they suspect that something is amiss, and Rose may not be the culprit after all.
Cast: Olivia Colman, Jessie Buckley, Anjana Vasan, Joanna Scanlan, Gemma Jones, Malachi Kirby, Lolly Adefope, Eileen Atkins, Timothy Spall, Hugh Skinner
Director(s): Thea Sharrock

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