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SERET 2023 - In the Director's Chair Sits a Woman

0h 58m
How hard it is to direct a film as a woman in Israel? Twenty-six Israeli women directors of fiction features are sharing their personal experiences of sitting in the director's chair. From Ellida Geyra - Israel's first female fiction filmmaker, to contemporary female directors, the film weaves together a conglomerate of women's voices, as they echo each other, clash, and come apart. Their stories create a diverse and cinematic patchwork quilt of female directors, providing us with a multifaceted reflection of any woman who wishes for her story to be heard. This is a moving documentary, that will motivate you to get up and do something about the glass ceiling, both the real one, as well as the imagined. The film is a fascinating research archival document on the story of female cinema in the Land of Israel. Screening as part of the Seret Film Festival.
Director(s): Smadar Zamir

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