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Incredibles 2 x Everyman Exclusive Interview

 We caught up with Director Brad Bird & Producers Nicole Grindle and John Walker to chat all things Incredibles, here’s what they told Everyman exclusively…  

Q: It’s been 14 years since the last Incredibles film. What was the motivation behind your decision to release Incredibles 2 now and what can audiences expect with this sequel?

Brad: We actually completed the film over a decade ago and we were waiting for just the right moment to release it.

John: We’d made a lot of other films in-between and it wasn’t something premediated. The good news is that Pixar was patient with us.

Brad: Yeah, and they said when you’re ready, we’re ready, so that was cool.

Nicole: But Brad did have the idea that Helen would be the one to get the assignment in this film, about 14 years ago when promoting the first film. So, there was the kernel of an idea for this film 14 years ago, it just got put on the shelf, and then Brad, John and I were all doing other things until the day came where we said, if we don’t make this film now, nobody’s going to care anymore (laughs).

Q: The film focuses more on the storyline of Helen Parr this time round, which is very timely thanks to the various female focused movements of this year. Was that a conscious decision on your part?

Brad: No for me, it was entirely a character choice. And it was something that brought out a side of Helen that you glimpse at the beginning of the first Incredibles, where she says she had no intention of settling down and that she’s a professional woman, but it also made Bob very uncomfortable which is always good for comedy.

Q: What technological advances in animation translate through to Incredibles 2, which weren’t around during the making of the first Incredibles film?

John: In the first film, we were doing things that Pixar and the world had never done before. A full human cast, lots of hair, clothing; nobody knew how to do anything. Our artistic reach exceeded our grasp back then. Everything was “well we don’t know how to do that, but we’ll figure it out.” On this one, it was “absolutely we can do that." The industry has changed in that time.

Nicole: The truth is that we didn’t have much time, as we had lost a year from our schedule. Our artists were extraordinary in being efficient and nimble, whenever Brad had an idea they would put it up on screen very quickly and change it according to the changes in the story. They were really brilliant.

Q: If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

John: Super speed, there’s only so much time!

Nicole: Not needing to sleep, feeling rested all the time. Something which has come up throughout the making and promotion of the film.

Brad: The power to get my film idea greenlit, with no resistance! *clicks fingers* like that.

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