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  • Ex Machina(15)
  • Whiplash(15)
  • A Most Violent Year(15)
  • Wild(15)
  • Foxcatcher(15)
  • Testament Of Youth(12A)
  • Kingsman: The Secret Service(15)
  • American Sniper(15)
  • Birdman(15)
  • A VALENTINE'S SOIREE: Fifty Shades Of Grey(18)
  • The Theory of Everything(12A)
  • Taken 3(12A)
  • Into The Woods(15)


don't miss this superbly performed jazz drama!

Met Opera Live is back!

Ex Machina

a futuristic psy-fi thriller rewriting the battle of the sexes

Testament of Youth

a period drama drawing on love, loss and desolation during the war