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Some films slip through the cracks. Here are a few handpicked ones we recommend you don't miss.

Coming to (almost!) all Everyman venues, the newborn Beyond strand is a weekly appointment to discover your new favourite director, actor, genre, or even dream travel destination.

Throughout the year, on a Monday matinee or a Wednesday evening, we'll spotlight independent films that probably passed you by but are worth your time.

We hope you'll join us on this journey beyond the barriers of comfort! Keep reading for insight on the upcoming films in the strand.

Late Night with the Devil

Monday 15th & Wednesday 17th April

Late Night with the Devil

I’m not a big fan of horror, but this was mightily impressive! Try to go in reading as little as possible about the plot and be surprised as the film unfolds – Codie, Film Programmer

On Halloween night 1977, a live television broadcast goes horribly wrong, unleashing evil into American living rooms: what happens next is nothing short of shocking.

How far will a late-night show host go to boost his ratings? From the producers of Paranormal Activity and Barbarian, the proof is in this long-lost TV tape. Don’t look for spoilers and keep your eyes peeled for the most unique horror you'll see all year.

BEYOND… Genre tropes. While the film taps into a classic horror theme, that of the simulated TV found footage, it bucks the trend by telling a story from the perspective of the ‘haunted’ footage’s creators – the live TV crew – rather than the viewers who ‘found’ it!

BEYOND… The devil in the details. On the Sunday of its first weekend of release, the film made $666k at the US box office – a suspiciously satanic figure.


Robot Dreams

Monday 22nd & Wednesday 24th April

Robot Dreams

Don't be fooled by its comic strip style, it's not just for the kids. If you fell in love with Wall-E, Marcel the Shell or Tintin, this is for you! – Amy, Film Programmer

It’s the vibrant 80s in Manhattan. Tired of feeling lonely in the big city, Dog decides to build himself a robot, as a companion. To the rhythm of Earth Wind & Fire, they quickly become inseparable – until one day, with the greatest sadness, Dog has to abandon Robot. Will they ever meet again?

In this Oscar-nominated portrayal of love and loss, the protagonists are a Dog and Robot with a wordless connection – yet their friendship is as relatable as they come. A perfectly-pitched blend of evocative music and bright colours does the talking. Don’t bring a date. Prepare to ugly cry.

BEYOND… A gut feeling. When Robot Dreams’ director Pablo Berger discovered Sara Varon’s 2007 graphic novel, also titled Robot Dreams, he was completely moved to tears at the thought of the story's cinematic potential. The rest is history!

BEYOND… Words. The original graphic novel doesn’t feature any dialogue either. Always fascinated by silent storytelling, Berger decided to replicate the feature in the film, to pay homage to Charlie Chaplin and the 20s, which he considers 'the golden era of silent cinema’.

Io Capitano

Monday 29th April & Wednesday 1st May

Io Capitano

Covering deeply human experiences, wonderfully acted and truly heartbreaking, a real gem! – Zsofia, Film Programmer

16-year-old Seydou and his cousin Moussa set forth on an odyssey across Africa in hopes of a better future. Through the dangers of the Sahara, the shock of detention centres, and the perils of the Mediterranean, all their dreams are slowly shattered.

With glimpses of magic realism, Io Capitano is a harrowing take on modern migration, through the uncorrupted eyes of two young protagonists with Barcelona football shirts and big, vague European ambitions. Oscar-nominated, and equal parts nightmarish and rooted in non-fiction – this is truly an unmissable one.

BEYOND… Italian Neorealism. The two boys in the lead roles, Seydou Sarr and Moustapha Fall, are young newcomers from Dakar; before Io Capitano, they never acted professionally, and had never been to Italy. Sarr’s dream is still to become a football player!

BEYOND… Classic POVs. In European cinema, African migration usually focuses on the end of the journey, whether that is an immigration centre in Italy or a final destination across Europe. Io Capitano’s director Matteo Garrone chose to portray the migrants’ journey, reversing the POV to spotlight the traumatic odyssey that comes before setting foot on the European continent.

Evil Does Not Exist

Tuesday 7th & Wednesday 8th May

Evil Does Not Exist

A wistful watch with a beautiful score… has been playing on my mind since the first watch – Georgia, Marketing

A babbling book… the whisper of the wind… and the looming presence of corporate poison. A father and daughter find their peaceful everyday disturbed when a Tokyo business makes plans for a glamping site in their village.

An eco-fable as plausible as it is powerful, director Hamaguchi takes his time to craft a mesmerising equilibrium that will leave you longing for a trip to the countryside.

BEYOND… Music. The idea for Evil Does Not Exist was born from the music of Eiko Ishibashi, who had worked with Hamaguchi previously on Oscar-nominated Drive My Car.

BEYOND… Pace. Long takes and lingering shots are abound, making for an authentically immersive experience of nature.

The Teachers' Lounge

Monday 13th & Wednesday 15th May

The Teachers' Lounge

A superbly crafted rollercoaster of tension, essential arthouse cinema - Kyle, Film Programmer

Money is missing, students are suspected, and a teacher is left scrambling when her path to justice spirals out of control. Within a school’s walls, paranoia begins to unfold.

Join us for a tumultuous look into classroom politics in this gripping parable that’ll set your nerves on edge. It’s no wonder it was nominated for Best International Feature at this year’s Oscars!

BEYOND… Fiction. Writer-director İlker Çatak experienced a similar scandal at his own school in Istanbul, which inspired him to write the screenplay years later.

BEYOND… Scheduling. Filming took just under a month to complete – the school was set to be destroyed immediately after shooting, so the team had to stick to a tight schedule.

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