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Digga D: 11 Steps Forward 10 Steps Back + Q&A

1h 30m
Join us for exclusive premiere screenings of Digga D’s documentary, 11 Steps Forward 10 Steps Back. Each screening will be followed by a live Q&A with Digga D, where you will have a chance to ask him questions and witness a unique conversation about his life, career, and journey. We are excited to be able to offer you extremely limited-edition copies of Digga D’s upcoming album, ‘Back To Square One’, these will be available to purchase at each screening and will only be accessible to Everyman ticket holders. Digga D will sign these albums at each screening. 11 Steps Forward 10 Steps Back is a documentary that offers an intimate look into a year in the life of Digga D, a renowned documentarian and BAFTA award-winning artist. The documentary accompanies Digga D as he travels the world, from the bustling streets of Miami, New York, and Dubai. The journey comes full circle to his homeland, Jamaica, where his story's roots run deep. Even thousands of miles away from London, he finds himself unable to escape the challenges that seem to follow. At its core, 11 Steps Back 10 Steps Forward uncovers Rhys, a visionary 23-year-old who straddles the worlds of fame and authenticity. The documentary captures Digga D, the superstar, and Rhys, the relatable young man, blending aspirations, struggles, and self-discovery. In the face of obstacles and hardships, Digga D’s unwavering determination makes him a true inspiration. To purchase tickets, scroll down and click through to the SeeTickets website below!
Cast: Digga D

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