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EVERYMAN Glasgow is Everyman Cinema’s first opening in Scotland, in Princes Square, Glasgow’s historic high end retail destination.

The cinema is accessed from the lower ground floor of Princes Square’s glass domed atrium and customers are greeted at the art-deco inspired bar which sits to the right of the space adjacent to the semi open kitchen.  

The beautiful bar lounge space is loosely divided up into small cosy lounge spaces, and is characterised by its rich finishes, walls clad in timber, marble and mirror glass and banquette seating in leather and rich velvets.

The cinema boasts three intimate auditoria, each with their own striking design scheme, but all of which feature Everyman’s signature beautifully comfortable velvet sofas and rich walnut side tables. Finishes are loosely inspired by William Morris, with some tongue in cheek references, such as the wrapper of the famously Scottish Tunnock’s Caramel Bar.

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