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The first Everyman opening of 2019 is centrally located within Piries Place in the heart of Horsham.  In the classic Everyman style, the design combines retro touches, luxurious materials and detailing, and raw exposed materials. 

On entering, under the festoon-lit canopy, customers will be greeted in the dramatic, double height foyer from where an industrial concrete stair winds around the lift up to the main bar and dining space. 

Once on the first floor, alongside the grand bar, the stunning lounge space is loosely divided up into several distinct seating areas, each with their own character. From here guests can enjoy the drama of the semi-open kitchen, which is clad in rich walnut panelling, while enjoying a signature Spielburger. There is a covered terrace where guests can relax and enjoy a drink while taking in the view across Piries Place plaza.

The cinema boasts three auditoria ranging from fifty-two to ninety-seven seats, each with their own unique design scheme, all featuring Everyman’s sumptuously comfortable velvet upholstered sofas and walnut side tables – perfect for resting your Everyman G&T and snack during a film. 

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