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Located on the ground floor of the newly regenerated Holmes Mill Complex, Everyman Clitheroe is set to become a much-loved local cinema. The grade II listed building is noted by Historic England as making a significant contribution to the local townscape and much of the Mill complex is largely unaltered and is recognisably of pre-1840 date.

Customers will step through a doorway into a rich curtain-lined lobby to the bar, with large industrial glass globe pendants hanging above and walls lined with traditional timber panelling.   

The space is a journey of discovery with the lounge wrapping around the bar where there is a warm, timber-lined intimate seating area. Boldly upholstered floral banquettes sit in front of rich walnut panelling and the lounge incorporates a steel and glass-clad partially open kitchen serving Everyman’s signature Spielburger menu.

The Cinema features 4 auditoriums, with 2 intimate 30-seaters, a larger 70-seater, and a grand 120-seater, each differing in style but all with luxurious velvet armchair and sofa seating and tactile fabric lined walls.

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