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Everyman Menabrea

We’re excited to announce our partnership with prestigious beer brand Menabrea, the oldest continuously producing brewery in Italy.

 For over 170 years the family have brewed their remarkable birre using their own recipe and only five simple ingredients: water, barley, hops, yeast & brewer's maize.

Placed at the crossroads of Europe at the foot of the Alps, Menabrea source the finest ingredients available. Their barley comes from the heart of Champagne country, their 'noble hops' come straight from Bavaria, and their water flows naturally from Alpine glaciers straight to Menabrea's brewery. After being meticulously brewed, the beer is aged through a unique maturation process known as 'lagering'; this ensures that the beer acquires its signature taste - complex, malty and hoppy with citrus undertones. Then, and only then, can it be considered of adequate quality to become Menabrea.

As our new lager brand, Menabrea 660ml bottles is now featured on our menus throughout all 37 venues across the country.

Menabrea serving now at Everyman
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