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Royal Ballet and Opera: Turandot

3h 25m
The beautiful but icy Princess Turandot will only marry a man who can correctly answer three riddles. Those who fail are brutally beheaded. But when an unknown prince arrives, the balance of power in Turandot’s court is forever shaken, as the mysterious stranger does what no other has been able to. Puccini’s captivating opera of a cold-hearted princess and her mysterious suitor. Featuring the ever-popular ‘Nessun dorma’, this opera of love and revenge is brought to life in a dazzling production. Run time: 205 minutes with two intervals Performed in Italian with subtitles
Cast: Sondra Radvanovsky, SeokJong Baek, Anna Princeva, Adam Palka
Director(s): Andrei Serban

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