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Gift Vouchers

Check your gift voucher balance

Please enter the 16 digit number found on the back of your gift voucher or on your gift voucher confirmation email.

Please note that multiple orders in one transaction must be per type of gift voucher; Custom, Fixed Price or eGift.

All gift vouchers will be posted first class and may take up to five business days to arrive.

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New transaction required for different card type. You can only purchase one gift voucher per transaction.

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Minimum spend of $10, maximum of $500.
E-gift card will be provided via email.

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If you have any queries regarding your gift cards, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Gift voucher terms & conditions

You have a gift card in your basket which is a different type from the one selected.

If you proceed this gift card will be removed.

You can only purchase one gift card per transaction.

Gift Voucher Terms and Conditions

For all gift vouchers purchased online an extra £1 for 1st Class P&P will be applied. Please note that vouchers may take up to 5 business days to arrive.

If your voucher has a magnetic strip you are able to redeem it online by inputting the 16 digit voucher number displayed on the back of your card. Any balance leftover after the transaction has been completed will remain on your voucher.

When paying with a credit or debit card and a voucher, the entirety of the voucher value must be used during the transaction. Please ensure you input your voucher’s details first, before your credit/debit card. You may only submit one voucher per transaction. If your voucher does not have a magnetic strip you will be unable to redeem it online, instead please call 0872 436 9060 (calls cost 13ppm plus your telephone company's access charge) or visit us in venue to reserve your seats.

In the event your voucher needs to be exchanged, a £5 admin fee will apply. To enquire about a voucher exchange or for further information, please contact [email protected].

Everyman gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from date of issue and are non-transferrable and non-refundable.

Everyman gift vouchers are redeemable for any Everyman purchase including film, food and drink.

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