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Frequently Asked Questions



What is included in the memberships?

  • Everywhere annual membership is valid for a year in any of our Everyman cinemas and includes 2 free tickets per film session (excludes some special events), 25% discount on tickets for live and satellite broadcast, invitation to exclusive members’ events throughout the year, as well as 10% discount on food and drink and private hire.
  • Everyicon annual membership is valid for a year in any of our Everyman cinemas and includes 24 free tickets, invitation to exclusive members’ events throughout the year, as well as 10% discount on food and drink and private hire. Everyicon members can also access Members’ Mondays; a two for one option when purchasing a ticket every Monday.
  • Everyman annual membership is valid for a year in any of our Everyman cinemas and includes 7 free tickets, invitation to exclusive members’ events throughout the year, as well as 10% discount on food and drink and private hire. Everyman members can also access Members’ Mondays; a two for one option when purchasing a ticket every Monday.
  • Our legacy membership Standard membership includes 4 free tickets, £1 discount on every two tickets purchased, invitation to exclusive members’ events throughout the year, as well as 10% discount on food and drink and private hire.

What is an Everybody membership?

Our Everybody membership is a free subscription to our regular Everyman newsletters and occasional special events.

How long are the memberships valid for?

All paid memberships are valid for 12 months from the joining dates. If you have opted in for the automated annual renewal, we will send you an email 1 month before the membership is due to expire with instructions on how to opt out of the annual direct debit should you wish to do so.

What is the 2for1?

Everyman and Everyicon members can bring a guest for free every Monday (excluding Bank Holidays). This means that in addition to your member tickets, there’s a two for one option when you purchase a ticket every Monday. The offer is not cumulative and is only applicable to certain types of tickets.

Please note that this offer is only available for the Everyman and Everyicon memberships.

Do I get discount on food and drink with my membership?

All members will receive 10% discount on food and drinks in all of our cinemas.

Are there any other offers related to food and drinks for members?

At times, we partner up with other brands to offer additional perks to our members. Please note that these limited time offers are subject to change.

Are there terms and conditions on the memberships?

Yes, you can read about our membership T&Cs at the following link.

Can I buy a membership at the cinema?

You can certainly join our membership scheme in one of our cinemas. The sign up process will be done on a tablet with the help of a team member. The membership will be ready to use as soon as you finish the registration and receive the payment confirmation. We will then post your personal membership card to the address provided at sign up within 7 working days.

What is in a membership pack?

The membership pack includes your personal membership card. Every two months, you will also receive the latest edition of our Everyman magazine, so you can make the most out of your membership with us and read about upcoming films and events.

How do I get in touch with the membership team?

If you have any general enquiries related to your membership, you can get in touch at 01233 214254. If you have any queries related to the membership payment and Direct Debit, you can call 01444 449166. Should you prefer to email us, you can either use our contact form or email us at [email protected].

Can I lend my card to someone else?

An Everyman membership belongs to the named member only, please note it is not transferable. When benefits apply to a member + a guest, the guest can only attend with the member. Please always bring your membership card with you.


Where can I use my free tickets?

You can use your free tickets for any regular film session (excludes special events including, but not limited to ROH, NT Live etc. and is not applicable to child tickets).

How many tickets can I use at once?

Everyman members can use the free tickets all in one go, however Everyicon and Everywhere members can use up to 2 tickets per film session and cannot book for a film 90 minutes before or after the session they have already booked tickets for (e. g. if I have booked 2 tickets for a 6pm show, I can only book for films starting before 4.30 or after 7.30 on the same day).

Are there any booking fees?

There are no online booking fees for members - please remember to login on your online profile to take advantage of this membership perk.

When can I use my 25% event cinema discount?

Everywhere members receive a 25% discount on all live satellite broadcast events. This includes MET Opera live, NT live, RSC and ROH.

What do I do if I can’t make it to the film?

Members’ free tickets are non-refundable. Pre-booked tickets can be swapped for another performance, however this must be communicated to Everyman in person, via our contact form or by phone at least 90 minutes before the advertised start of the film. In the case of a show cancellation by Everyman, free member tickets will be credited back on to the membership account.

How many tickets can I book in advance?

There is a limit of 8 advanced bookings for Everywhere and Everyicon members. You will be able to reserve more tickets after you have used some of the tickets you already booked.

What happens to my tickets if I haven’t used them before the membership’s expiry date?

If the membership is renewed before its expiry date or if you are signed up to an annual direct debit, the unused tickets will be carried over to the new year of membership. However, if the membership is not renewed the tickets lapse with the membership and cannot be rolled over to a different membership. Please note that the membership tickets cannot be exchanged for cash or for regular tickets not linked to a membership.

How do I book tickets online?

Once logged in with your username and password, please select a film session, you will then be taken to our ticketing page with the option to confirm your membership tickets. Please note these options are listed just below the normal ticket choices.

I am trying to login online but my details are not recognised, what do I do?

Please make sure there are no spaces or punctuation characters that have been entered incorrectly. If our website still does not recognise your member details, please contact us with your query or call us on 01233 214254.

How can I change my password?

If you have forgot your password, you can reset it by clicking on the following link https://www.everymancinema.com/Membership/ResetPassword. If you can login on your online account and would like to change your password, you can do so in the “edit your online account” section.

Who can I contact if I have lost my membership card?

If you have lost your membership card please email us or call us on 01233 214254. Please note that we will blacklist the old membership card and that your membership card number will change.


Can I join the new membership scheme if I already have a standard membership with you?

If you’re an Everyman £60 member you can log in on the website to upgrade. Or you can call 01233 214254 and we’ll set you up with a username and password for the website, where you can upgrade to one of the new memberships.

Please note that you will be signing up to a new 12 months membership, however the free tickets you haven’t used as part of your previous membership will be added to your new account.

I am a Gold member, what happens to my membership?

Good news, we should have already upgraded you to our Everywhere membership. This includes all of your previous benefits until your renewal date.

Will the Standard Everyman and Gold memberships be discontinued?

Yes, the £60 and the £600 current memberships will no longer be available to buy, but you can still of course enjoy all your benefits until your renewal date.

Is the 1 bottle of wine for the price of 2 large glasses offer still valid for members?

Yes this offer is still valid for Everywhere members only. It is not included in Everyman or Everyicon memberships.

Is the "Introduce a friend" offer still valid?

Unfortunately we are no longer offering the "introduce a friend" offer as this is not part of the new membership scheme.

I have a standard £60 membership, can I take advantage of the 2for1 Mondays?

Unfortunately this offer is only valid for the £95 Everyman memberships and the £300 Everyicon memberships. You can however upgrade early from your standard £60 membership to take advantage of this offer.


Can I cancel my membership?

All our memberships are valid for 1 year and the membership payments are set up on a 1 year agreement. However, if you have signed up to the membership with Direct Debit, you have the right to change your mind and cancel the membership until 15 days after the purchase. This can be done with our Direct Debit customer service team at 01444 221 059 or over email. Please note that you would need to pay for the tickets you have used during the membership period.

I have had a membership for more than 15 days, who do I contact to cancel my membership?

All our memberships are valid for 1 year and the membership payments are set up on a 1 year agreement. If you have purchased the membership as a one-off payment, you don’t need to do anything. Your membership will automatically lapse at the end of your 12-month contract.

If you have opted in for Direct Debit, please contact our Direct Debit team at 01444 221 059 at least 10 working days before the membership is due to expire. After the Direct Debit cancellation, your membership will continue to run until it is due to expire (12 months from the joining date) but will not renew. If you cancel, you can continue to enjoy your member benefits until the expiry date of your current membership period.
Unfortunately, we do not offer pro-rata refunds if you choose to cancel before the membership expiry.

How can I downgrade my membership?

Whether you are paying by Direct Debit or have paid for your membership as a one off payment, you can decide to downgrade your membership on renewal. Unfortunately, we don’t offer pro-rata refunds so we are unable to offer membership downgrades mid-year.

How can I upgrade my membership?

We are pleased to hear you are considering upgrading your membership. Please get in touch with us at 01233 214 254.


Can I change my Direct Debit collection date?

We are unable to change the Direct Debit collection date.

I have been charged but there has been an error message on the website, what do I do?

Please get in touch with us on 01233 214 254 or email us.

Can I pay with a gift voucher?

You are not currently able to pay for a membership with a gift voucher but this functionality will be available on our website in the near future.

I selected annual direct debit when purchasing the membership but I have changed my mind, how do I amend my preferences?

Please call our Direct Debit membership team at 01444 221 059, they make sure you opt out from the automated annual renewal when the membership is due to expire.

My bank details have changed, who do I call to change these for my membership payments?

Please call our Direct Debit membership team at 01444 221 059.


Can I gift a membership?

Gift memberships are not available at the moment due to security reasons as we require personal information from the member who is signing up. You can check out our gift vouchers on this page: everymancinema.com/giftvouchers


I am not receiving the emails; how can I check my details?

If you haven’t yet received or have stopped receiving our weekly newsletters, please check your online account to ensure that you have opted-in to receive our newsletters and special events emails. You can check this by logging into your membership account, clicking on 'edit your account details', ensuring that your local venue is selected and that the two boxes (newsletter and special events) are ticked. We also recommend that you add [email protected] to your email contacts list.
Emails with generic corporate addresses (e.g. [email protected]) are unable to receive our newsletters. Please provide a personalised corporate one instead (e.g. [email protected]). If you have tried the above but are still not receiving emails, please contact us on [email protected] and we will investigate further.

Can I set up the frequency of the marketing emails you send me?

You can opt in to receive our weekly listings only if you select the “newsletter” option on your personal profile. If you wish to receive more marketing communications from us, such as notifications for members’ screenings or special events, you can opt in for our events invitations too.

I haven’t received the magazine, is there anything I can do to make sure this is sent to the correct address?

Please login on your online account, click on “edit your account details” and verify that we have the correct postal address on record. You can also get in touch with us at [email protected]

I no longer want to receive the magazine; how do I unsubscribe?

You can email us at [email protected] if you don’t wish to receive our magazine anymore

I no longer want to receive your emails; how do I unsubscribe?

There is a link to unsubscribe included in all emails you receive from us. You can click on this link to unsubscribe from our email marketing communications.


Sorry your membership has now expired, to continue enjoying the great Everyman membership benefits, please purchase a new membership.

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